The national broadcaster has admitted to underpaying 2500 casual workers in yet another demonstration of the devasting impact of the insecure work crisis on pay and conditions for Australian workers.

The theft of millions of dollars of wages was uncovered after a CPSU member took a case to the Fair Work Commission. This was exposed when the CPSU took a case to the FWC.

Unfortunately, the statute of limitations (six years) will mean that many workers will never recover their stolen wages. The ABC has made wide-spread use of casual contracts for the last two decades.

This is a shocking revelation of wage theft from an organisation which should be a best-practice employer.

Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

“The work that union members at the ABC have done to expose this shows the power of working people standing together and fighting back. There is nothing more important for protecting your rights at work than joining your union.

“This is truly appalling conduct from the ABC, the underpayment of huge amounts of money from thousands of employees is outrageous and will never be tolerated.

 “The crisis of insecure work is in every workplace, in every state. We need to change the rules to ensure that no more workers have their wages stolen.

“The CPSU and MEAA members who have brought this to light have done amazing work but should not have had to go through a lengthy, difficult court process. If your employer does not pay you what you are legally entitled to the legal recourse should be simple, effective and at no cost.

“This is a classic case of there being one rule for employers and another for working people. This is wage theft, plain and simple, and there should be meaningful consequences for employers who engage in it.”