The ACCC should review potential employment effects before finalising its draft decision against Qantas Airways’ alliance with Air New Zealand announced today, the ACTU said.

ACTU President Sharan Burrow said greater stability and certainty was needed in the Australian aviation industry to protect jobs.

Qantas yesterday announced 1,700 job losses on top of recent staffing reductions equivalent to 3,500 full time positions.

“The difficulties facing the aviation industry worldwide require greater consolidation and stability to protect existing jobs and ensure future employment growth,” Ms Burrow said.

“The ACCC should consider the important public interest and economic impacts of any decision which could result in greater uncertainty and further job losses in the Australian aviation industry.

“Regional stability for aviation in two of the world’s most integrated economies must be a central priority,” Ms Burrow said.

The ACCC today announced its draft determination to deny a proposed alliance between Qantas and Air New Zealand. The ACCC will make a final decision after hearing further submissions on the proposal next month.

Ms Burrow said that the ACTU would make a submission strongly urging the ACCC to take into account future prospects for employment stability, including preventing the export of Australian jobs.