The ACTU welcomes the decision by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) to withdraw criminal cartel charges against the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMMEU) and its ACT Divisional Branch Secretary Jason O’Mara.

This case was an abuse of power at every level. Disputes about industrial rights and the fight for better and fairer conditions for workers should be dealt with under Industrial law.

The decision by the ACCC to use the Trade Practices Act in relation to an industrial dispute was a decision driven by political interest and nothing more.

Jason O’Mara and his family have endured years of being pursued through the courts on a baseless and unprincipled charge.

Nothing good came of the discredited and politicised Heydon Royal Commission and today is just another example of the continued efforts of some to attack unions.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“The charges against Jason O’Mara were never substantiated and we welcome the decision by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions to abandon this case, which was a complete abuse of power by the ACCC.

“The use of the Trade Practices Act to attack unions for campaigning for pay rises must stop. Industrial disputes should be dealt with under industrial law. This is an example of Governments and some employers trying to find new ways to stop working people winning pay rises, better job security and safe workplaces.”

“The supposedly impartial agencies of the Morrison Government should spend more time tackling real criminal conduct and stop wasting time and money pursuing working people.”