The ACTU has today launched a superannuation web site designed to inform and educate union members and employees about super. The site is also targeted at union organisers, the media, trustees, academics and students.

“The introduction of choice of fund means that many employees will be looking for information about super. This web site is one source of information” said ACTU Greg Combet.


The site provides a wealth of information including:


  • Employees’ entitlements to superannuation
  • Information about choice of fund
  • The inadequacy of many employees’ retirement incomes
  • ACTU policy and submissions on superannuation and corporate governance.

    The site also provides a history of super in Australia.


    “Many people are not aware that universal superannuation is a relatively new entitlement and that in the 1980’s union members campaigned for its introduction. In 1985 only 39% of employees had super, now 97% have super” said Greg Combet.


    The web site provides links to industry funds, Members Equity and Industry Fund Financial Planning – a financial planning group that does not charge commissions.