Australian Unions’ pre-budget submission calls on the Federal Government to reverse its failed economic policies and instead work to ensure inclusive growth which will benefit all Australians, not just a wealthy few.

The submission argues our living standards have been under threat in recent years, with inequality between Australians now the highest level in 70 years, and unless we adapt and respond to the challenges and opportunities of our time, living standards will continue to fall.   

Unions are calling on the Government to change course from its failed ‘trickle down’ approach and produce a Budget that builds, not undermines, the key foundation blocks of equality and decent living standards. 

The Government must take a leading role in coordinating all the economic levers it has at its disposal to invest in the jobs, skills, innovation, infrastructure and services necessary to secure our future prosperity.

The ACTU’s submission contains 10 broad proposals — highlighted by the need to ensure inclusive growth, tackle inadequate revenue, transition the economy post mining boom, invest in infrastructure and plan for increased wage growth to protect Australian worker’s living standards.

The full ACTU Pre Budget Submission (January 2017) is available online at: