ACTU secretary Sally McManus will call for Minister Nigel Scullion to listen to the First Nations Workers Alliance (FNWA) and make systemic changes to the racist Community Development Program at the ‘30th Anniversary of the 1988 Long March’ rally in Sydney’s Hyde Park tomorrow.

The FNWA is made up of CDP workers and Indigenous trade union members who are fighting against the racist and exploitative Community Development Program.

The racist work-for-the-dole scheme does not pay wages to its overwhelmingly Indigenous workforce for the 25 hours of work participants have to do every week in order to receive welfare benefits. The scheme hands out penalties at a rate and magnitude higher than any other employment scheme. It forces workers to work without OHS protections, leave entitlements superannuation or workers’ compensation in the event of injury at work.

Quotes attributable to Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary:

“The union movement was proud to march with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in the 1988 Long March for ‘Justice, Freedom, and Hope’, just as we are proud to stand beside them today.

“The Long March was a pivotal moment in Australian history. It brought international attention to Australia’s horrific treatment of First Nations people, and confirmed the Australian community’s overwhelming support for Aboriginal rights.

“Sadly, today First Nations workers are still fighting for basic rights as workers, due to the Turnbull Government’s racist Community Development Program.

“This program denies people basic rights as workers. All workers should be paid legal wages for work. The Government should focus on real jobs in regional and remote communities instead.

“Indigenous Australians are still having to fight for justice 30 years after the Long March, and the union movement continues to stand with them. This Abbott/Turnbull program is a blight on our nation,

“The program must be scrapped, Indigenous workers must be given the same rights, opportunities and treatment before the law that all workers in Australia should be able to expect.”



26 January 2018

Meeting Redfern Oval 9.30am

Marching to Hyde Park South arriving 11.15-30am

(closest access Liverpool St)

Full speakers list attached, Sally McManus will speak at 12.25pm in Hyde Park