The ACTU President Sharan Burrow and Secretary Greg Combet today expressed their appreciation for the contribution made by the retiring General Secretary of the National Union of Workers, Greg Sword.

Mr Sword announced his resignation today after 30 years of service to his union, its members, and the wider labour movement.

“Greg Sword has served as a member of the ACTU Executive for many years, and more recently has been ACTU Senior Vice-President. I would like to thank Greg on behalf of all unions affiliated to the ACTU for his outstanding contribution,” said Ms Burrow.

Mr Combet said that Greg Sword had been a key senior union official throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

“Greg Sword has dedicated his working life thus far to his union and the labour movement. He has been influential in many important areas of union policy and industrial achievement,” said Mr Combet.

“In particular Greg has been a key player in superannuation, vocational education, wages strategy, industrial legislation, union amalgamations, membership services and international unionism.

“Greg was a key contributor to two landmark reports – Australia Reconstructed and Unions At Work – both widely recognised as important roadmaps to revitalise unions.”

“As an active member of the Labor Party he has also been influential in the parliamentary arena, serving as National President of the ALP until recently,” said Mr Combet.

Ms Burrow and Mr Combet said that Greg Sword would be missed in union circles.

“Greg has been a supporter and friend of mine. His experience and maturity will be missed around the ACTU Executive table. I want to publicly thank him for his considerable contribution to Australian working people,” said Mr Combet.

The ACTU wishes Mr Sword and his family all the best for the future.