The ACTU is coordinating financial advice seminars for former Ansett employees.

The seminars will be tailored to Ansett staff with information about their superannuation, social security benefits, tax implications and debt management. The seminars will be run by ACTU-accredited financial planners.

The initiative is in response to a high volume of calls to the ACTU Call Centre from Ansett workers requesting help, and a proliferation of approaches to the ACTU by organisations offering financial and employment services for Ansett workers.

“The intention of the seminars is to provide people with professional and specific information about the situation they are facing at the moment. We believe people need clear information about their super and entitlements and the implications of certain decisions they might make,” ACTU Secretary Greg Combet said today.

“We want to ensure that unscrupulous people do not try to take advantage of former Ansett employees and their families” Mr Combet said.

The ACTU program will offer Ansett employees:


  • free Ansett-specific information seminars to be held nationwide;
  • an initial free consultation with an ACTU-accredited financial planner; and
  • standardised charges offered by all accredited financial planners The program is being coordinated by the ACTU’s commercial arm, ACTU Member Connect and will commence in early April. Ansett employees can contact ACTU Member Connect on the Ansett Hotline 1300 365 205.