The ACTU welcomes the measures put in place today by the Albanese Government to control energy prices which have been contributing to the economic hardship faced by millions of Australian workers.

These measures will provide some short-term relief and curtail the price gouging by energy companies which has been adding fuel to the current inflation spike.

While these measures will make a significant difference for workers who have been struggling to pay their bills, long term change is needed both to prevent energy companies from profiteering and to ensure that wage growth for working people can keep pace with the cost of living. The Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill is a concrete step towards getting wage growth moving again and alleviating the cost of living crisis. 

Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

“The price cap introduced today will make a real difference for working people who have seen their gas and electricity bills climb even faster than the historically high inflation rate.

“These are price controls on natural resources which are rightfully the property of every Australian, being extracted from our country. These prices are not the simply the result of a war in Europe or other international factors, they are being driven by corporate greed, and we commend the Albanese Government for stepping in to control them.

“Todays decision following the passing of the Secure Jobs and Better Pay Bill are important for workers and their families. Working people should be able to rely on wage growth which keeps pace with the cost of living, after ten years of flatlining wage growth and more than 12 months of deep real wage cuts, the recent IR reforms represent hope for millions of workers who desperately need a pay rise.”