Most Australians want action on climate change.

Twenty years ago Australia was a leader in solar technologies. But we failed to support the industry and our best and brightest went overseas. We don’t want to miss out again.

Strong action on climate change will create huge jobs opportunities for Australians. We can lead in renewable energy, green building development and in smarter use of energy and resources. It will also enable Australia to be a global leader and play an active role in the fight against climate change.

But some politicians and business groups are acting like dinosaurs by blocking the strengthening and passing of the CPRS, or seeking more handouts for big polluters. Action on climate change can help Australia grow up to a million jobs in our new clean energy industries. Action will help create a cleaner environment and a stronger economy.

After failing to strengthen and pass the CPRS in August the dinosaurs in Parliament will vote again this November on the CPRS.

Clean energy jobs creation depends on Australia moving forward over the coming weeks and months with strong climate policy both at home and on the international stage in Copenhagen this December.

If you want Australia to invest in a clean energy boom that creates jobs today, please donate today by adopting a dinosaur and helping them evolve. You’ll receive a dinosaur computer wallpaper.

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