The ACTU welcomes the ALP’s commitment to creating a right to choose to convert from casual to secure work for 2.6 million workers who have been stuck in insecure work under the Morrison Government.

The inclusion of a right of review of decisions about casual conversion in the Fair Work Commission is vital, as is a proper, objective definition of casual work – both things were sorely lacking from the Morrison Government’s bill last year.

Meanwhile, the Morrison Government’s backers in big business and the IPA are calling for even fewer rights for working people, with business groups calling for Australia to be more like America in today’s Financial Review.

Employer lobbyists are pushing for the creation for whole new classes of insecure work, like the NSW Business Chamber’s cut-rate casual proposal – basically a new type of casual work with less pay and illusory leave rights.

The business lobby has called explicitly this morning for a move to a “more US-style culture” where business owners can pay employees as little as $2 per hour, leaving them to subsist on tips.

This is the future under a Morrison Government. More job insecurity, lower wages, more power to the employers and continued attacks on working people and their rights.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“The future that the Morrison Government and its backers in the business lobbies and the IPA want is more insecure, lower paid and more desperate workers.

“We have to change the rules to make work more secure and ensure that working people can fight for and win the pay rises they need. The ALPs announcement on giving rights to casuals is crucial step towards this goal.

“The Morrison Government is propped up by people who want to drive down wages and pad the pockets of people in boardrooms. Australian workers have already suffered through six years of flatlining wages and attacks on conditions, they can’t risk another three.

“We have to change the government to ensure that work is more secure, wages can be increased and every worker has a path to secure, stable employment.”