Seven years after the Abbott Government ended the car manufacturing industry in Australia GM has killed off the Holden brand, ending a 160-year run in Australia. Sales of all Holden models and all remaining design and engineering work will be wound up by 2021.

Manufacturing in Australia has been steadily eroded by conservative governments who refuse to do what is necessary to protect Australian jobs and maintain a strong, local manufacturing sector.

This represents the loss of an iconic Australian brand, and job losses for hundreds of workers before the end of the year.  

The Union movement stands with all Holden workers who are facing an uncertain future thanks to the policies of the Morrison Government.


Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus

“The Morrison Government has made it clear that it will never fight to protect local jobs, and this is the result. An iconic Australian brand shutting its doors after 160 years.

“Most successful countries plan to support their manufacturing industries, but the Coalition is so committed to globalisation and the free market, they will not lift a finger.

“The Prime Minister like to talk about creating local jobs and never misses a photo op, but he’s missing in action when it comes time to ensure that local workers have secure jobs they can count on.

“The Abbott Government was the beginning of the end for the Australian car industry, now the Morrison Government is finishing the job.

“The announcement marks a sad day for many Australians who took pride in the Holden brand as an icon of Australian ingenuity, something the Morrison government has never understood or valued.”