Australia has moved the Copenhagen climate talks forward, with key advances outlined in Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s ‘grand bargain’ speech to world leaders now negotiating a global deal.   

“Prime Minister Rudd rightly recognised the negotiations need to deliver much more ambitious targets to cut global greenhouse pollution,” said the SCCC, comprising ACF, ACTU, the Climate Institute and ACOSS.

“The Prime Minister has also clarified Australia’s support for a second commitment period for Kyoto integrated with a Copenhagen accord.”

“A commitment to at least a 25% reduction under both agreements would strengthen these negotiations.”

“We look forward to further detail on these developments, as well as Australia’s position on new and predictable financing mechanisms such as bunker fuels.“

“One of the key risks in Copenhagen is it fails to deliver a new mandate to finalise a new legally binding climate regime. We urge the Prime Minister to champion completion of a comprehensive legally binding agreement within six months.”

“It’s essential this largest gathering of leaders in history delivers ambitious and fair climate action for the people of the world.”