Australian Unions are today launching a campaign which highlights the increasing pressures many workers face from the demands of business, which are impacting their lives outside of work.

Under the banner Australian Unions. Join. For a better life. unions will be highlighting the role they continue to play standing up for the basic rights at work that Australians have always enjoyed.

ACTU Secretary, Dave Oliver, said that the ads were drawn from the everyday experiences that working Australians were already speaking up about.

“They show Australians in situations which are all too common for many workers”, said Mr Oliver.
“Missing out on an important moment in a child’s life, being unable to get a loan from a bank, and being unable to say anything about a problem at work because their employer has too much power, and an individual without support has too little.

“That’s why unions are standing up for a better life for all workers and their families. Joining a union is a positive step that we need to ask more Australians to take so that we can improve the conditions that they have at work and the lives they enjoy outside of work.

Mr Oliver said the ads were part of a long-term campaign about unions sticking up for their members and asking new members to join.
“Union members have someone in their corner when these issues arise, as well as someone to fight for better pay and conditions.

“Unions have pushed for parental leave, rises to the minimum wage and are fighting to protect penalty rates which are under concerted attack from employers.”

Mr Oliver said that Australian unions had more than 1.8 million members in every sector of the workforce, but were relevant to millions more, with up to 42 per cent of workers having their pay and conditions determined by a union negotiated collective agreement, and another 16 per cent who rely on an award wage.