The AYAD Program currently has a fantastic opportunity for a Development Officer (Division of Labour) in East Timor for the Secretary of State of Labour and Solidarity (SETS/SSLS), Labour Division.

The AYAD Program sends young Australians aged 18-30 on short term assignments (3-12 months) through Asia and the Pacific. The Program provides support to cover the costs of volunteering overseas including pre-departure medicals, insurance, travel, in-country allowance, and the support of an in-country manager. Further information is available on our website.

Assignment Description

Intake 15 – March 2006

Assignment number:


Assignment position title:

Development Officer (Division of Labour)

Name of Host Organisation:

Secretary of State of Labour and Solidarity (SETS/SSLS), Labour Division


Dili, East Timor

Duration of assignment:

12 months

Description of the Host Organisation:

The Division of Labour is a division of the Secretary State of Labour and Solidarity (SETS/SLS), which is directly responsible for matters of Industrial Relations. In carrying out the units duties, labour staff work in close coordination with relevant stakeholders and related departments such as the Trade Union, Business Associations and Civil Society as well as other International Institutions in the area of Industrial Relations policy implementation and development.

The main duties of the Labour Division are as follows:

  • To inform businesses about the Labour Code and educate relevant organisations as to the regulations regarding norms of work, social security and Occupational Health and Safety, in order to strengthen and develop harmonious relations with industry and to pre-empt and reduce labour disputes
  • To resolve Industrial Relations disputes where they occur by acting in the role of conciliator, mediator and arbitrator
  • To perform Labour inspections on business properties in order to ensure that violations of the Labour code do not go unaddressed
  • The legal registration of Trade Unions and Business Associations
  • Assignment description for the AYAD:

    The focus of this position is to develop Labour division’s employee skills in the area of administration and policy development and implementation. Tasks will include:

  • Review Labour Code of East Timor and work with counterpart to develop an effective Labour Inspection plan that is in accordance with the Labour code for East Timor
  • Work with counterparts to develop train the trainer training so that labour staff are equipped to train new inspectors in the developed labour inspection plan
  • Monitor and assist with training of labour staff
  • Work closely with unit staff to review existing systems for planning, finance, budgeting, administration, filing, IT systems and identify systems in need of development
  • Assist and train unit staff in drafting official policy
  • Assist and train unit staff in the writing of official reports and other forms of correspondence where English is the required language
  • Assignment outcomes to be achieved by the AYAD:

    Completed a Labour Inspection plan
    Developed a Training package for Labour Inspections
    Improved office management system for the Labour Division and increased capacity among unit staff to coordinate and manage office administration duties
    Increased capacity amongst unit staff to draft policies and reports
    Enhanced relations with Trade union members

    Qualifications required by the AYAD:

    Degree or diploma in Social Sciences, IR, Labour administration or toher relevant field

    Experience required by the AYAD:

  • 1-2 years relevant work experience
  • Experience with the development of training packages and training delivery
  • Experience in/knowledge of how to perform Labour inspections
  • General administration experience
  • Knowledge of Tetum or Bahasa Indonesian would be an advantage
  • Personal qualities required by the AYAD for this assignment:

  • Ability to be flexible and to adapt to new circumstances
  • Ability to deal sensitively with people of different cultures and language backgrounds
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to think laterally
  • Description of assignment location:

    The assignment is located in Dili

    Information on accommodation options:

    There are a variety of reasonably priced accommodation options available in Dili from boarding with Timorese families to shared housing with other internationals working in Dili. The Labour Division staff will assist the AYAD to find comfortable and secure accommodation in Dili.

    NOTE: If you are shortlisted for an assignment, you will be given the contact details of the Host Organisation to discuss the assignment further.

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