BHP union delegates from workplaces across Australia have forged a common strategy to ensure collective bargaining rights are recognised at all the company’s operations.

A National Summit meeting of more than 100 delegates from BHP sites in Australia and New Zealand today condemned the company’s recent hardline industrial relations strategy as out of touch with normal Australian values and community standards.

‘BHP must accept the fundamental right and choice of employees to join, organise and be represented by their unions through collective bargaining,’ ACTU President Sharan Burrow said after the two-day summit in Wollongong.

‘The information shared at the Summit shows that while there are different issues that need to be considered by each sector, there are key common interests including job security, community impacts, contracting-out and fair treatment by BHP.

‘We will follow through on the priorities identified to develop and streamline our communication networks, our sharing of information, and our mutual co-operation across our workplaces, and internationally,’ Ms Burrow said.

‘BHP’s aggressive and confrontational industrial policies have brought us together, and the job delegates and officials of all unions are confident and determined to build on the success of this Summit.’