Reality TV is a sweatshop for the hundreds of script writers employed to make it a success according to the Hollywood union representing the screen writers.

The union has launched a wages campaign for writers, producers and editors who work in the booming field of ‘reality TV’ shows.

The Writers Guild of America says the behind the camera workers on big hit TV extravaganzas such as Survivor, The Apprentice and The Bachelor routinely work far longer hours at much lower pay than their counterparts in scripted dramas and sitcoms.

These writers, editors and producers work hard to create the illusion of spontaneity on reality shows but they don’t get the same benefits earned by union members.

The secret of Reality TV isn’t that it is all scripted

“The secret about reality TV isn’t that it’s scripted, which it is,” said Daniel Petrie Jr, president of the West Coast branch of the WGA.

“The secret is that reality TV is a 21st-century telecommunications sweatshop.”

” They often work under oppressive conditions, among them near universal indifference to and noncompliance with state and federal overtime laws.

” The Writers Guild is committed to seeing the end of this ‘Holly-Mart.’

” These storytellers have united to change these practices once and for all,” Daniel Petrie Jr said.

Meanwhile at The Bill

The hundreds of workers on the popular British cop show The Bill are voting right now for union representation.
Union officials are saying ‘Ello ‘Ello ‘Ello to the crew of the ITV show as a vote begins on union recognition.

Campaigning for union recognition at The Bill opened last week.