The ACTU has called on the Victorian and NSW Governments to follow the lead of other states in raising call centre standards.

The Queensland Government announced today that it would adopt the ACTU Call Centre Code of Practice to guarantee minimum standards and conditions. The Western Australian and Tasmanian Governments adopted the code earlier this year.

The Queensland Government will use the code as an industry benchmark and will give preference to signatories when assessing tenders for Government contracts.

The announcement today is part of the ACTU Call Central campaign to lift employment and customer service standards in the call centre industry. Call central is a joint project between the ACTU and six call centre unions.

ACTU President Sharan Burrow said state governments were leading the way in raising standards in a new industry that employed thousands of young Australians.

“State Governments spend $6 billion a year on industry subsidies and a lot of that is going to call centres”, said Ms Burrow. “Taxpayers deserve to know their money is being invested in call centres that care about quality service and quality jobs.

“We need to be diligent in setting standards for the future. We hope that focusing on ‘lighthouse’ call centres will encourage the rogues in the industry to lift their game.

“The Victorian and NSW Governments have said they support the code in principle. Now that Queensland has signed, the race is on to see which state Labor Government will be the last to act on behalf of call centre workers.”

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