Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell has released a review of the Small Business Dismissal code, recommending changes which would undermine basic protections against unfair dismissal that should be guaranteed for all Australian workers.

The recommendations would also reduce the independence of the Fair Work Commission, and would force the Fair Work Ombudsman – designed as an advocate for working people – to work on behalf of business owners instead.

The review represents an attack on the rights of working people, and its implementation would make even more jobs insecure at a time when 40 percent of workers are in insecure work. 

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“Working people have a right to be protected from unfair and arbitrary sacking.

“This latest report from the mis-named ‘Small Business Ombudsman’ simply confirms that the Morrison Government is using taxpayers money to fund an employer advocacy group to attack workers’ rights.  

“This report is a blueprint undermining the rights of working people and letting bosses fire them for any reason or no reason.

“It suggests that the independent umpire should help bosses who want to do this – this is a dangerous and irresponsible suggestion.

“The proposals this report contains would make jobs even more insecure than they currently are.

“Christian Porter should reject these recommendations and instead act to stop the spread of insecure work.”