Casino union workers in Western Australia have raised nearly $10,000 for a special tsunami relief fund theyve created in response to the crisis.

The LHMU members at Burswood Casino in Perth launched the fund within hours
of the tsunami news reaching Perth.

” We decided to act because so many of us at Burswood were deeply concerned
by the immense scale of the tragedy,” Rory Lambert, the LHMU Burswood Delegate,

People must work together

” When people work together in the spirit of unity and common purpose, great
things can be achieved. When we reach out to help those in great need we tear
down the walls between people and develop relationships built on co-operation
and trust.

“Some members at Burswood have relatives and friends living in those areas
overseas that were greatly affected by the tsunami and our heart goes out to
them while they are dealing with the events caused by this world changing

LHMU union delegates start fund to show spirit of

The Burswood Staff Tsunami Crisis collection fund was started by the LHMU
union delegates and now management has agreed to provide support to this effort.

” The total monies collected (so far) is $9,223, all of which will be given
to Oxfam Community Aid Abroad.

” This has been a fantastic result, hopefully we can keep the momentum going
and collect more, and show the collective spirit of solidarity lives at our
workplace,” Rory said.

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