Working people and other members of the community from in and around the seat of Banks, which covers parts of south-west Sydney, will gather on the evening of Thursday 4 April to kick off the Change the Rules election campaign in New South Wales.

Working people are demanding a return of the fair go: This means fair pay rises and more secure jobs. To achieve this we need to change the rules at work.

To Change the Rules, we need to change the government. 

Banks is currently held by Immigration Minister David Coleman.


What: Change the Rules election kick-off, Banks

Where: Revesby Workers Club, 2B Brett Street, Revesby, NSW 2212

When: Thursday 4 April, 6:15 (interviews) 6:30 (meeting, vision only)

Who: Working people from in and around Banks, ACTU President Michele O’Neil


Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil

“People in south-west Sydney need good, secure jobs and fair pay rises but the Morrison Government and big business are standing in the way of this. We are ready to restore the fair go.

“We are ready to take action to change the government and win more secure jobs and fair pay rises.

“Anyone who wants to live in a better, fairer country, who wants more secure jobs and fairer pay rises should attend these events and join the movement for change.”