People should check their next few payslips to make sure they’re getting the correct pay rate as union-won pay rises for more than two million working people kick in from July 1.

More than 2.2 million working people who are paid under awards should receive a 3 percent pay rise in their first full pay period after July 1.

The 3 percent increase that will apply to all award wages is the result of the Australian unions’ campaign for higher pay for the growing number of people working under awards and comes at a time when Australia is in a low wage crisis.

The ACTU is urging people who have not yet joined their union to check their next pay slip and get on board for higher pay and better job security.

Workers are urged to contact their union, or the ACTU on 1300 486 466 or at

The success of the unions’ campaign means an extra $21.60 pay per week for people working full-time on the minimum wage.

The new national minimum wage has risen to $19.49 per hour. There are also higher rates under many industry awards and people working casually get a loading to compensate for the lack of paid annual leave or personal leave.

While overall wage growth has been at near record lows for more than six years, pay for union members is consistently higher – 21 percent on median earnings. Joining your union is the path to better pay.


Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus: 

“At a time when many workers are struggling to keep up with the cost of living, this is an important increase for the 2 million plus people whose wages are reliant on awards.

“This increase was won by unions despite the opposition of employer groups who argued for real wage cuts.

“If you’re one of the over 2.2 million people on an award, or whose pay is linked to an award, on the first full pay period after July 1, you should have a 3 percent raise. Make sure you check your pay and make sure you join your union.

“People who are not yet members can show their support by joining their union.

“Research shows that union members win consistently higher pay than those without the protection of a union.

“So check your pay, pick up the phone or go online, and join your union.”

Union membership and pay enquiries: 1300 486 466 or