The announcement today of additional support for childcare providers in Victoria will do nothing for the workers in the sector who need clarity about what support they will receive as the state enters six weeks of stage four restrictions.

No part of the new package requires employers to pass the payments from the Government on to workers. This is a glaring oversight which will leave large numbers of workers without any financial security.

The Government has failed to reinstate JobKeeper for Early Childhood Educators, which they stripped away in July.

As it has with the pandemic leave payment the Morrison Government is putting in place half-measures which will not be enough to keep working people safe and secure during this crisis.

Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

“Working people need to be supported so that they can stay safe and stop the spread of the virus. Not one dollar of what Minister Tehan has announced today is guaranteed to make it into the pocket of an Early Childhood Educator.

“The so-called job guarantee only requires that workers remain employed but does nothing to stop wide-spread unpaid stand-downs which would be devastating to the workforce.

“Under this scheme a centre which is running at 80% of its usual profit would not be required to guarantee work and pay for its workforce.

“The Morrison Government is trying to save money during a pandemic when it should be fully committing to programs which will keep people in jobs, with pay, and allow them to prevent the further spread of this virus.

“The Government have stubbornly refused to admit their mistake in bringing JobKeeper support to an early end last month for workers in this sector.”