Enduring commitment to the Paris Agreement from the Australian Government is critical to ensuring Australia plays it part in addressing climate change alongside ensuring a Just Transition is achieved for workers in emissions-intensive industries and other industries that are facing a period of immense change.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) welcomes the Turnbull Government’s renewed commitment to the agreement, but will wait to see whether that promise extends to doing the work necessary to ensure that no workers in Australia are left behind by the changes that are to come.

 Quotes attributable to ACTU President Ged Kearney:

“Australian Unions acknowledge the need to address climate change is one of the defining workplace challenges of this era.”

“We ask the Government to ensure there is Just Transition for workers whose jobs and communities are impacted by the move to a low-emission economy so they can move into good, secure jobs.”

“The union movement has campaigned strongly to ensure that as part of the energy transition, alternative job opportunities are maximised and workers in industries which are changing will not be left worse off and will have work for as long as they want it. The Latrobe Valley Worker Transfer Scheme is historic and shows what can be done when employers, government and unions work together.”

“We hope that the Turnbull Government’s apparent commitment to Paris will translate into strong support for the ongoing work needed to ensure a Just Transition.”

“Any lessening of Australia’s commitment would be a disaster for both the environment and the economy.”

“It is concerning that there are members of the government agitating for Australia to reassess its commitment to the Paris Agreement. This simply adds to the energy crisis that grips Australia and drives badly needed clean energy jobs and investment offshore.”