ACTU Secretary Greg Combet will today meet with workers from Redwin cosmetics, the manufacturer of Sorbolene creams, to discuss concerns regarding the move by the company’s new owner to force staff onto AWA individual contracts that provide no guarantee of a pay rise for the five year life of the contract.

The Redwin AWA individual contracts also take away annual leave loading, remove overtime pay, remove penalty rates for weekend work, remove meal allowances and allow the company to move staff to any one of its other factory sites without compensation.

Redwin cosmetics make Sorbolene creams and other liquid soaps and hand wash products at a factory in Noble Park in outer suburban Melbourne.

Recently the company sold the bulk of its manufacturing arm to Continental Manufacturing which has torn up the workers’ previous hard-won Collective Agreement and is pressuring staff to sign AWA individual contracts instead.

ACTU Secretary Greg Combet said today:

The situation of the workers at Redwin cosmetics is a classic example of what is wrong with the Howard Government’s IR laws and why AWAs must be abolished.

With no guarantee of a pay rise for five years how can these workers plan for their family’s future?”