The Federal Court has ruled to protect the rights of working people who are labelled casuals purely to strip them of job security, rights and pay in a landmark ruling in the case of WorkPac Pty Ltd v Rossato.

This decision is a massive step forward in the fight for more secure work for Australian workers.

It shines a spotlight on the unfairness of casualisation and has shut down a loophole that labour hire companies have been exploiting to undermine job security and pay.

Working people need more job security, this decision confirms their rights to permanent rights if their job is permanent.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“This is a huge win for the workers involved and their union the CFMMEU, but it is also a win for all workers who are suffering because of systemic casualisation. It clearly demonstrates the need to reduce workplace insecurity.

“We need the stop the practice of some employers labelling jobs “casual” when they are in fact permanent. This has stripped workers of rights and security.

“It’s time for employers to accept that finding new ways to make permanent jobs casual has to end. We should be working together as a country to reduce the number of insecure jobs, it has got out of control and unfortunately too many people are now feeling the harsh reality of having no job protections during the pandemic.

“We congratulate Paul Skene, the worker whose case led to this decision, for standing up with his union and fighting for this win for casual workers.”