Working families would benefit from Labors higher education policies announced today, the ACTU said.

ACTU President Sharan Burrow said that working families would be better off under the ALP’s policies to fund 20,000 extra university places and to stop increases in HECS fees.

“Labor’s policies would allow children of working Australians to have access to a university education based on their ability, not on their wealth,” Ms Burrow said.

“Families concerned about the educational futures of their children will have a real choice for more and cheaper university places under the ALP’s policies.

“The Federal Government should re-examine its biased approach which would see admission to universities based on wealth and privilege, not merit or ability.”

Ms Burrow said that the university funding policies announced by Federal Opposition Leader Simon Crean today complemented Labor’s recent commitment to establish 20,000 extra TAFE places to address both professional and industry skills shortages.