The Australian Workers’ Union will launch a new national campaign to save the jobs of hundreds of Electrolux workers which are under threat in Orange NSW and Adelaide.

The launch will take place at a public forum in Orange to address the current crisis caused by Electrolux’s announcement that it will slash over 200 jobs at its Orange Fridge and Freezer plant.

Speakers at the forum will include AWU National Secretary Bill Shorten, State Secretary Russ Collison, the NSW Minister for Regional Development David Campbell, Federal Independent MP Peter Andren and the Mayor of Orange and a representative of the AMWU.

Australian Workers’ Union National Secretary Bill Shorten said the campaign will be based online ( and will call on members of the community to send a protest message to Swedish & Australian Electrolux management over their proposed job cuts.

“Since 1998 Electrolux has axed 24,000 jobs globally. All around the world, Electrolux are shutting down their plants in industrialised nations and shifting their jobs to the Third World where they pay inferior wages,” Mr. Shorten said.

“The AWU is drawing a line in the sand and letting Electrolux know that the Australian public won’t cop our jobs being sent overseas to save a few bucks – which is ironic considering last year Electrolux had an overall revenue of US$15.2 billion.”

AWU State Secretary Russ Collison said the Orange community had lots to lose if Electrolux continued their “slash and burn” policies.

“Electrolux is the largest employer in NSW’s Central West – I fear that if the company continues to cut jobs that the local economy will suffer. It’s time for the Federal Government to step in and deliver a rescue package to the local community like they did for Adelaide following the Mitsubishi decision,” Mr. Collison said.