Statement from ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

The workers at Fletcher Insulation have won better terms on redundancies, use of labour hire and casual workers and hours of work after 96 days on strike.

After three months out on the street they will go back to work on Thursday having won key improvements on their conditions after their employer threatened to strip conditions, force redundancies and bring in labour hire contractors.

Throughout the period of action Flecther have been threatening to tear up the previous EBA and force all employees back onto the award, which would halve wages and strip almost all conditions.

This action shows the power of collective action and the strength that employees can find in a union and re-affirms that employees with a united purpose are able overcome employers looking to strip conditions and cut pay.

This long-running dispute could have been resolved much sooner if the employer had opted to reach this settlement rather than seek to threaten the workers with drastic cuts in pay in an attempt to take advantage of laws that are now stacked against working people. 

The balance of power has moved too far towards the employers and we need concerted change to ensure that employers and employees are always on an even footing.