Almost 2,000 Australians have today signed up to a CUB-free BBQ on the AFL and NRL Grand Finals Day after an Australian Unions’ campaign called on all consumers to boycott Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) products, following the sacking of 55 workers.

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Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver:

“The support for the boycott moving into the finals has been overwhelming, and shows that all Australians are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the 55 workers who CUB have thrown on the scrap heap – slashing wages by up to 65%.”

“All Australians understand that what CUB have done here is fundamentally wrong. These workers are highly skilled and extremely productive – they keep the Abbotsford brewery running 24 hours a day and make CUB $4.4 billion dollars every year.”

“These workers lost their jobs and then were asked to reapply and sign up to an enterprise agreement that would see their wages cut by up to 65%.”

“The enterprise agreement the CUB contractor, Programmed Skilled, is now using was signed by three casual ‘employees’ in an office in Perth in 2014.”

“As thanks for their loyalty and contribution to this company’s huge profits, these workers have lost their jobs and had future wages their wages cut to the bone.”

“The union movement won’t allow it, and those who are joining the boycott are making it clear that they won’t either.”