The Morrison Government has re-introduced the union-busting Ensuring Integrity Bill which was rejected by the Senate less than a week ago.

The Bill is simply the amendments the Government had already agreed to last week incorporated into the one document. It is exactly what failed to pass the Senate last week.

The union movement stands ready to continue the fight against this legislation, now in its third year, pursued by its fourth Industrial Relations Minister and being pushed by its second Prime Minister.

The ACTU has been clear that there is no amendment to this bill which would make it acceptable – this is an attack on the basic rights of working people to have union representation in the workplace.

Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

“Less than a week after this bill was rejected in the Senate, the Morrison Government is bringing it back at the urging of the business lobby.

“This bill will hurt working people in this country, and it says everything about the arrogance and desperation of this Government that it is reintroducing before Christmas a Bill threatening the rights of millions of working Australians. They are left exposed as having no plan to deal with the criminality of Banks and Corporations engaged in wage theft.

“The Union movement has been fighting this bill since the current Prime Minister was a loyal member of Malcolm Turnbull’s cabinet. We will not stop now, we will continue to fight this bill and this Government until it is defeated.”