The Federal Government must explain how it will ensure a robust jobs market in manufacturing and high end innovation and also fulfill its pre-election promise to create two million new jobs.

ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver said that it was now more important than ever that the Government be open with workers about their plans as many questions were being raised about their ability and commitment to protect and create jobs in key areas.

“If Mr Abbott wants to be seen as a builder and not a wrecker then he must explain how he will protect jobs and most importantly create jobs in the industries that are currently being hurt.

“For example, will they move quickly to announce the manufacturing of submarines in Adelaide which will help to offset hardship.”

“The Government is nailing the coffin on the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which encourages private sector investment in renewable energy and will create thousands of jobs.”

“Around the world clean energy is one of the biggest areas of jobs growth but Australia will now struggle to benefit from these new industries or home-grow expertise and clean energy innovation.”

“Australia is bucking global trends both where Governments protect their car manufacturing industries and in clean energy innovation so we have to ask what is the plan?”

“This is an issue of economic stability and productivity for the workers who have been hardest hit.”

“It comes as today’s labour force figures show unemployment is up to 5.8%, approaching GFC levels. Rising unemployment will only be exacerbated by the Governments’ inaction on jobs at Holden, Qantas and their planned deep cuts to the public service.”

“Yesterday’s announcement by Holden that they will leave in 2017 means now more than ever the Government must explain how they intend to fulfil their re-election promise of two million new jobs.”

Mr Oliver said it was obvious that the Government had yet to grasp the importance of protecting our industries and people’s livelihoods.

“Leaving things to the free market while committing to slashing jobs will take Australia down a path we don’t want to go,” he said.

“Pre-election, Tony Abbott was only too happy to don a hard-hat and high-vis-vest, standing alongside some of the same workers who are now wondering what their future will hold.”

“The Coalition boasted about their commitment to workers and the economy and promised two million new jobs to be created but just months into their first term we have instead experienced catastrophic losses.”

“How will this be remedied, how will they stop further losses and how will they protect future jobs and ensure Australia does not go backwards.”