The Government has frozen its early access to super scheme after it facilitated the theft of up to 150 workers’ superannuation.

The Government is responsible for identity and verification checks through the Australian Taxation Office. Workers were offered reassurance that their super was safe and the government assured funds they would be paying to the right people.

This colossal blunder means hundreds of workers have less or no superannuation in their accounts.

It also leaves many workers excluded from JobKeeper with absolutely no means to buy food to eat or pay rent.  

The Government should not force any worker to draw down their super or empty their retirement savings just to get by – and now with the scheme frozen it should abandon its arbitrary distinction between workers.

JobKeeper should be extended to every worker in Australia immediately.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Assistant Secretary Scott Connolly

“The commonwealth government has facilitated theft from up to 150 workers.

“When this scheme was announced, experts and funds warned that it was a ripe target for fraud and theft, but the Government wrongfully dismissed these concerns.

“The Government must immediately reimburse the funds stolen from workers’ accounts under its blessing.

“The failure of this scheme so quickly is proof that JobKeeper should be extended to every worker in Australia.”