The future of timber communities in Tasmania and other States depends on electing a Latham Labor Government says the ACTU.

ACTU President Sharan Burrow said today:

“John Howard is not interested in jobs. He is not interested in trees or the call from Australians to save the forests. He is only interested in votes.

His latest attempt to divide Tasmanian communities over the future of the timber industry is his last big con that is designed to hide the fact that he does not care about ordinary working people.

Ask 16,000 former Ansett workers if Howard cares about jobs.

Ask 400 recently sacked Kodak workers.

Ask 18,000 asbestos victims if Howard has helped them achieve justice from James Hardie.

John Howard will do anything to get elected. His latest hoax is that he will protect the jobs of timber workers.

In fact, the only way timber workers will keep their jobs is if the industry restructures around sustainable practices and value-added wood products.

Mark Latham’s $800 million plan is a massive investment in creating jobs, upgrading skills and building new industries for Tasmania.

John Howard is offering only $50 million in industry incentives for Tasmania – this will achieve next to nothing.

The ACTU supports jobs and industries that are sustainable.

We want decent, secure jobs for our members. We also support protecting the environment.

Mark Latham’s plan will deliver on both these fronts and deserves the support of all working people.”