Workers at Wongawilli Colliery will be converted from casual to permanent work and receive increased pay and better conditions after a huge win in their industrial dispute with Wollongong Coal.

The victory means that workers will:

  • Convert from casual employment to permanent employment
  • Receive a 12 per cent increase in the hourly rate
  • Receive a 12.5 per cent increase in the bonus rate

Workers at Wongawilli decided to join their union and exercise their new collective power to demand better pay and conditions.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus

“Congratulations to the workers at Wongawilli on this huge win and for standing together.

“This is a fantastic win for workers who stood together and demanded better pay and better conditions.

“These casual workers decided to join together in their union, stand up and fight for equal rights.

“Because of this they won job security and increased pay.

“The only force that can bring about positive change for working people is the union movement.

“Workers can take back control of their working lives by joining and sticking together.

“Working people across the country can change the rules for all of us if we stick together and demand a fair go.”