Companies in control of healthcare, aged care and social assistance are deliberately making work less secure and forcing huge numbers of their workers to take second and even third jobs to stay above water.

ABS data shows that over 1.9 million employees were multiple job holders in 2015-16. Healthcare and social assistance had the highest rate of multiple-job holders at 14% of all workers.

The median employment income of a multiple job holder is $39,813 for all jobs, in comparison to single job holder who receives $48,028

These workers are providing care to Australia’s most vulnerable people. They should not be forced into multiple low paying jobs. 

People working in these industries need secure well-paid jobs. The only way to achieve this is to shift the balance of the industrial relations system back towards working people and give them the power to win fair pay and better conditions.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus

“No one in Australia should have to work multiple jobs just to pay the bills. We have to change the rules.

“Over 1.9 million employees were multiple job holders in 2015-16, and it’s a big problem when 14% of healthcare and social assistance workers are holding multiple jobs.

“These workers are earning less even while working multiple jobs, this is a step down the path towards the Americanisation of our workforce and the emergence of a working poor.

“These industries are growing rapidly and will continue to do so as the population ages, and we cannot allow insecure work and worker exploitation to grow with them.

“The people who work in these industries want to provide the best quality of care they can for the people who need it, but how can they when their own quality of life is being destroyed by insecure work?

“Every worker in Australia should be able to have a good, steady job that they can rely on. Insecure work is a national crisis under the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison government.”