Today’s jobs figures show jobs growth continues to flat-line, as youth unemployment and underemployment remain unacceptably high.

Unemployment stays at 5.7%, or 726,400 seasonally adjusted, an increase of 1,600 from the previous month.

Unemployment in the 15 to 24 year old age group increased from a huge 12.1% to 12.2% between February and May 2016, or 257,900, seasonally adjusted. Almost one in three young people are either unemployed or looking for more work.

Quotes attributable to ACTU President Ged Kearney:

“The Turnbull Government, apparently too busy touting it’s rhetorical commitment to jobs and growth to pay attention to the health of the Australian jobs market, has just notched its fourth straight month of decrease in full time employment, and its eleventh consecutive month of rising casualisation.”

“The disconnect between this government’s self-appraisal and its record is staggering. Month after month, the ABS tells us that wages are stagnant, jobs growth is well below trend and Australian workers are being forced into casual employment.”

“Yet month after month, Mr Turnbull and Mr Morrison are tripping over each other to spruik their commitment to “jobs and growth”.

“We have to ask the question, when are the jobs going to start appearing? In which term of this government will the growth start? How many more years will the people of Australia have to struggle to find enough work to get through the month while the Prime Minister and the Treasurer repeat the same meaningless buzzwords?


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