The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) welcomes the establishment of a Senate Inquiry into Just Transition in the electricity sector. It is imperative that workers be given the highest consideration as the industry faces major change in coming years.

We need to put a plan in place that that ensures Australia’s transition to a clean energy economy occurs in a fair and equitable way, creates new secure employment opportunities for workers, and encourages new investment and the growth of new industries in regional communities.

The ACTU looks forward to working with government, community and business groups towards developing a national plan that ensures a fair future for workers and that takes a big picture approach to the changing nature of our electricity industry and the opportunities that presents.

Quotes Attributable to ACTU President Ged Kearney:

“We welcome the Senate Inquiry as a first step towards wide-spread acceptance that we need to do more for workers in industries that are experiencing significant change.”

“When we consider how our economy is changing, and how we need to adapt to a new set of global circumstances, ensuring that workers’ livelihoods, as well as their communities’ futures, are the first consideration.”

“We embrace the fact that changes are occurring in many industries, but are determined that these changes will mean opportunities for workers, and not the end of their communities across Australia.”

“There are too many examples from recent years of economic transition leaving the majority of affected workers out of a job, local businesses left to die, and their towns and communities decimated. We must do better as we face significant change in a number of industries.”

“The ACTU looks forward to working with all sides of politics to guarantee a bright future for workers that have made a significant contribution to Australia’s prosperity and will continue to do so into the future.”