Despite almost a year of talks, management at the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) remain unwilling – or unable – to
finalise certified agreement negotiations with staff and the CPSU.

DEWR staff have already taken strike action and are prepared to act again if that is what it takes to get a fair outcome. They are campaigning hard, but need your support.

You can help by sending an online protest letter to the Secretary of the Department Dr Peter Boxall and the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Kevin Andrews.

Given DEWR’s important role across the Australian Public Service and the Government’s planned rewrite of industrial relations legislation, what happens in this campaign has very serious implications for the pay, conditions and rights of all Federal public sector workers.

Background: The current agreement expired in December 2004 and there have been no pay rises for 20 months. Over the last year, DEWR management have:

  • implemented a ‘No AWA – No job‘ policy for all new starters

  • ‘starved’ people onto AWAs by dragging out the collective agreement process

  • refused to bargain in good faith

  • pursued knowingly unacceptable positions during negotiations.

  • CPSU’s Lisa Newman says DEWR should be a model employer, setting a positive example for the rest of the public service and the broader community. “Unfortunately, all we are getting from Minister Andrews and his management team is posturing, politics and game-playing. Kevin Andrews is the architect of the Government’s new workplace reforms. But if this is how he treats his own staff, then heaven help the rest of the community. Minister Andrews claims his new workplace changes will deliver fairness and flexibility. Well it’s now time for him to practice what he preaches and give his staff a fair go.”

    Outstanding issues…

  • decent pay and allowances
  • removal of access to the Industrial Relations Commission to resolve disputes
  • reduced redundancy entitlements
  • reduced salary progression for all in favour of mega-bonuses for the ‘favoured ones.’
  • What you can do

  • Send an online protest letter
  • Send a message of support to DEWR staff
  • Visit the campaign website
  • For further information

    Contact: Lisa Newman
    Union: 0438 255 006
    Phone:CPSU media officer
    Contact Mobile:Dermot Browne
    Fax: 0408 265 081