The Howard Government schools funding bias would end with 98% of Australian schools to gain desperately needed extra funds from ALP policy.

An analysis by the ACTU and education unions of the impact of Labor’s school policy till 2012 shows that all 6900 government schools and 2,499 out of 2,677 non-government schools would benefit from increased funding.

The ACTU and its affiliates, the AEU and the IEU, representing 220,000 teachers, today welcomed the Labor policy and outlined election campaign plans to promote the policies of all opposition parties committed to fairer schools funding.

“Education has been chronically underfunded by the Howard Government across the board with costs rising by 53% since 1996,” said Ms Burrow.

AEU Federal Secretary, Rob Durbridge says the choice is stark for the 2,250,000 students attending Government schools: less than 30% of federal funding with John Howard or $1.9 billion extra from a Labor Government.

“All three opposition parties, Labor, Greens and Democrats, have promised to make public education a national priority,” said Mr Durbridge.

IEU Federal Secretary, Lynne Rolley also agrees that the ALP’s funding policy would restore equity and the notion of a fair go.

“The great majority of non-government schools will receive funding increases to ensure that over time, they can operate at the national standard.

“Moreover, even those schools whose private income is above the standard receive a grant which is indexed over time.

“It’s a policy which is fair to the students in non-government schools and it supports teachers who work with them,” said Ms Rolley.

Ms Burrow said that fairness demands Government funding for schools be based on need not greed.

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