Labor’s campaign launch today, including the release of a brilliant new policy to provide free health care in public and private hospitals for older Australians, is convincing proof that Mark Latham is the better leader for working Australians and deserves to win the election.

In response to Labor’s campaign launch today, ACTU President Sharan Burrow said:

“The coming election is the last chance working people have to save Medicare, restore our education system and prevent Australia from becoming a two-tiered nation.

Mark Latham has proven he has the personal integrity and policy smarts to run the nation.

Labor’s Medicare Gold policy released today is a brilliant strategy that guarantees better health care for retired Australians at the same time as restoring Medicare and relieving the pressure on working families.

This is a stunning policy that provides peace of mind for everyone aged over 75 as well as their families. It will reduce the burden on everyone with private health insurance and strengthen our health system.

The ACTU also welcomes Labor’s commitment to increasing pensions every three months.

Australians who have worked all their lives and are relying on the pension in their retirement deserve the extra dollars in the pocket and financial security that this policy offers.

Mark Latham has shown today that he and the Labor Party he leads stand for a fairer nation and a brighter future for all Australians.”