The Brotherhood of St Laurence invites media representatives to attend the forum on low paid work and the likely impact of the WorkChoices Act next Wednesday 5 April at RMIT, Melbourne.

When: Wednesday 5 April 2006 10:00am 12.00pm

Where: Sem. Rms 1-2, Storey Hall, RMIT University, 344 Swanston St, Melbourne

Key Speakers:

Experiences of low paid workers and their households

Prof. Barbara Pocock, Centre for Work and Life,
University of South Australia

New statistics on low pay

Dr John Buchanan, ACIRRT, University of Sydney,

It appears likely that the Federal Governments WorkChoices Act will lead to increases in the number of low paid Australian workers. Yet the social implications of such a development have not been adequately researched or debated.

Will the expansion of low pay enlarge the number of working poor in Australia?
What impacts would this have on households and communities?
Is the WorkChoices Act a positive development for Australian society as a whole?

This forum will provide new statistics on low pay in Australia and present evidence from workers about what life on low wages is like for them and their families and how it affects their communities.

Background information on this research can be obtained at:

Media contact: Michelle Low (03) 9483 1371 or 0413 948 535 (Brotherhood of St Laurence)