6 in 10 large Australian employers made no progress in closing the gender pay gap over the year to March 2021, with 85 per cent paying men more on average than women, according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s Gender Equality Scorecard, released this morning.

WGEA data collected from private sector employers with over 100 employees shows that the gap in earnings between men and women has barely moved and is sitting at 22.8 per cent, with women earning on average $25,800 less than men.

The Morrison Government has resisted making any legislative or policy changes that could assist in closing the gender pay gap, including changes to the Fair Work Act to strengthen equal pay rights, and wage increases for our lowest paid frontline workers, the majority of whom are women.

Despite the refusal of the Morrison Government to guarantee 10 days paid Family and Domestic Violence leave for all workers through the National Employment Standards, the data released this morning shows that unions have now won some form of paid leave in more than 50 per cent of workplaces.

Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

“This data is what we have come to expect under a government which refuses to lift a finger to close the gender pay gap.

“This Government talks about its commitment to women, but when it comes to closing the gender pay gap, or acting on the recommendations of the Respect@Work report, or even ensuring gender equity in its own ranks, there is a complete lack of action.

“The legacy of this Government is stagnation in the fight for pay equity. It is clear that the Morrison Government likes to talk about listening to women but in practice does nothing to improve their pay.”