Event: Th International Workers Day March to celebrate and commemorate May Day, will meet at the Victorian Trades Hall Council and march to the Treasury Gardens at 2:00pm, 1 May 2005.

Event starting time: 02:00pm 01 May 2005
Event finishing
04:00pm 01 May 2005
Where: March begins at Trades Hall,
Crnr of Victoria & Lygon Streets, Carlton

Contact: Union Solidarity Group

Description: On May Day, International Workers Day, workers of
Victoria will meet at Trades Hall and march to Treasury Gardens to celebrate and
commemorate MAY DAY. May Day is a working class holiday born in the struggle for
the 8 hour day, a struggle which was first fought for and won right here in
Melbourne. This year’s May Day is particularly significant given the current
attacks on working people by the Howard Government. Stalls, music and child
friendly entertainment provided at Treasury Gardens.

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