The Morrison Government has yet again failed to prioritise women and has delayed introducing legislation to abolish the $450 superannuation guarantee threshold – despite announcing the change in October of this year.

Workers who earn under $450 a month are not paid super which disproportionately affects women who are more represented in casual, low paying and insecure jobs. In a time when women are retiring with half the super of men it is imperative that action is taken now.

Abolishing the threshold was a budget promise of the Morrison Government, but it will not be abolished this year. The Government likely has five days for the Senate to consider this bill before parliament is dissolved for the federal election.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Assistant Secretary Scott Connolly:

“The Morrison Government has failed to follow through on another promise – they said they would ensure predominately women workers earning under $450 a month would be paid their super, instead they’ve put it on the back burner.

“It is critical that while women are retiring with half the amount of men that the Morrison Government ensure that superannuation is paid on every dollar earned.

“Women are not the priority for the Morrison Government, as we see them yet again make promises to bridge the gender gap and then do nothing.

“Five days in parliament is likely all the Government has allowed for the $450 threshold to be legislated before the election, making it seemingly unlikely that they will fulfil yet another budget promise.”