A poll of key marginal seats has revealed that pay rises for working people are either insufficient or non-existent in five areas that will determine the election result.

The ACTU polled 2, 597 across Hasluck, Flynn, Forde, Corangamite and Lindsay on April 23.

Of those surveyed 53.9 percent said their jobs were more insecure than before, with more than half saying the Federal Government is not doing enough to deal with insecure jobs, including casual and contract work.

Nearly 80 percent of those surveyed said they had either not had a pay rise in the past year, or any pay rise they did receive was not enough to cover their cost of living.  Of those, 49 percent did not receive a pay rise at all in the past year, and 28.8 percent said the pay rise they did get was too meagre to keep up with the cost of living.

Economic data released by the ABS last week showed that inflation had slumped, collapsing household demand, and forcing working families to cut back on spending, and unable to save.

Near-record low wages growth has been a consistent feature of the Morrison Government. Finance Minister Mathais Cormann told Sky News last year it was a deliberate feature of the Government’s “economic architecture”.

Key findings:

  • 53.9% say jobs are less secure than they were in the past,
  • 51.7% said the Government is not doing enough to deal with insecure work,
  • 49% did not receive a pay rise in the past year,
  • 28.8% said any pay rises they did receive were not keeping up with the cost of living,
  • 45.5% say the Government is not doing enough to ensure that all workers receive their legal entitlements from employers such as their correct pay and super,


Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus

“Working people in the five electorates of Corangamite, Flynn, Forde, Hasluck, Lindsay and Petrie are struggling to keep their heads above water. They are worried about wages and insecure work and they are clear that the Morrison Government is not doing enough.

“Scott Morrison and his Government ignore the day-to-day struggles or working people. They don’t talk about low pay or insecure work because they have no answers, no plan and no solutions. They don’t even admit there is a problem.

“Working people do not want to be taken further down the path to Americanisation where two, three, sometimes more jobs become the norm to just make ends meet.

“Working people want to live in a country where a fair go is not only possible, it’s a reality for them now and lasting into the future for their kids.

“It’s time to change the Government and change the rules to deliver that fair go for all.”