The Morrison Government has just abandoned the only part of the Omnibus Bill which had agreement from themselves, business and unions; new laws aimed at stopping wage theft.  

All that remains in the bill is an attack on the rights of casual workers which will make exploitation even more widespread and leave workers unable to enforce their rights.

What remains of the Bill must be opposed. 

 Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus,

“After nine months of intensive discussions, unions, employers and the Morrison Government agreed on new laws aimed at stopping wage theft, the Government is now walking away from this agreement. 

“This is shameful and vindictive reaction to not getting widespread support for other changes that would reduce workers’ rights. 

“We have given the Government a path forward with stronger laws on wage theft and better rights for casuals. If they will not give their support to these proposals, we call on the crossbench to oppose the Bill.”