Unemployment is up and underemployment remains at high levels thanks to the Morrison Government’s failed trickle down economic policies, new data from the ABS has revealed.

The data released this morning shows that seasonally adjusted unemployment is up 0.1 to 5% with 680,000 people unemployed.

Underemployment is up 0.1 to 8.2%. Underutilisation is up 0.2 to 13.2%.

1.7 million Australian workers are underemployed or unemployed.

The Morrison Government has created a crisis in insecure work and low wages – while insisting that the failed trickle-down ideology of handing billions to the wealthiest Australians will create jobs and raise wages.

Wages have been near record lows for 6 years and underemployment is near record highs.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus

“Scott Morrison’s plan for the future is for low paid, low skilled, insecure jobs.

“The Morrison Government has failed to deliver for working people, who are worse off now than they were 6 years ago.   

“More and more people have multiple jobs but earn less than someone with one, good job. This is the emergence of an American style working por and we need to act now reverse this trend.

“It is harder than ever for working people to find secure, ongoing work with fair pay and decent conditions yet the Morrison Government’s only response is bigger tax cuts for big business.

“This latest data shows we need to change the government and change the rules to give working people the power they need to win secure work and pay rises.”