The Prime Minister has launched his latest re-brand, telling journalists that he has made mistakes and will change if re-elected.

Working people know that promises from this Government are worthless and that this Prime Minister never lifts a finger to improve the wages or living conditions of Australian workers.

Scott Morrison has an opportunity this week to demonstrate to workers that he means what he says – he can support a pay rise for a quarter of all workers through the Annual Wage Review which would prevent those workers suffering additional real wage cuts.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“If Scott Morrison is serious about addressing his “mistakes” he can start with the near-decade of low wage growth that working people have struggled through under this Government.

“He could join the union movement in supporting pay rises for a quarter of working people that would prevent further real wage cuts through the Annual Wage Review.

An additional dollar per hour will prevent Australian workers on minimum wages from seeing their pay go backwards for another year, but Scott Morrison – on $550,000 a year – reckons that’s too steep.

“Scott Morrison will say anything to cling to power, but working people know that it’s what a government does that matters, and this Prime Minister has never done a thing to help working people. He has actively driven down wages and made it harder to find secure work.”