Statement from ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

This latest Coalition energy initiative is no substitute for a coherent national climate and energy policy that sets a clear deadline to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Like many of the failed coalition climate policies which came before it, this latest offering does not provide a comprehensive plan consistent with climate science, provide a clear pathway for industry, give certainty and security for workers or protect Australians from the damaging impacts of climate change.

While other countries have science-based targets and have funded Just Transition plans for workers, Australia continues to languish under a Government which has no clear plan.  

It is disappointing that the Technology Investment Advisory Council created today is dominated by business interests and includes no representatives of working people who will drive our eventual response to the climate crisis.

The plan’s support for steel and aluminum industries to reduce emissions, and for lower cost energy storage goes some way to support Australia’s energy transition and manufacturing industries. The roadmap has underestimated the role that energy efficiency could be playing in our buildings and workplaces to reduce emissions.

Australia faces two massive challenges in COVID-19 and climate change. So far the Morrison Government’s response to both has been half-hearted. We have no national economic reconstruction plan and we have no convincing emissions reduction plan. Australia needs much stronger leadership on both fronts.